Bicycle [public]

Bicycle [public]

We are building something new. For the mind.


The mind is complex. We learn about the world, but when do we take time to learn more about ourselves?

We are all about that. And more.


An app. Website. Or a book. It can be anything. As long it's a bicycle for the mind. Something that helps you better understand yourself.


We are just at the beginning of this new adventure. We don't know yet when will launch our beta. We are still learning.

But since this product is about you. We will share our ideas along the way, in order to build it together.

Where? Here.


This is an initiative by A New Future - part of MOIJ.co. With this label we build startups with our remote team. If you have any questions. You can always reach out to us via our main website moij.co/contact